Privacy Policy eUlift

This privacy policy is used by eUlift and describes, among other things, which personal data is collected and processed by Eulift and for what purpose.

a) File: any structured set of personal data, irrespective of whether this set of data is centralized or distributed in a functionally or geographically determined manner, which is accessible according to certain criteria and relates to different Clients.
b) Processor: the person who processes personal data for the Responsible Party, without being subject to his direct authority.
c) Third Party: any person, not a Client, the Controller, a Processor, or any person who is authorized under the direct authority of the Controller or a Processor to process Personal Data.
d) Services: collective term for all services that eUlift is able to deliver via the Platform for the benefit of the Customer, including integrated courses in the field of fitness, health, fitness and well-being.
e) Customer: the person to whom a personal data relates, in this case a natural person who purchases one or more Services from eUlift.
f) Personal Data: any data concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.
g) Platform: the interactive video platform of eUlift that can be accessed via and through which eUlift offers its Services.
h) Regulations: these privacy regulations.
i) Person in charge: eUlift j) Providing Personal Data: the disclosure or making available of Personal Data.
k) Processing of Personal Data: any action or all of actions with regard to Personal Data, including at least the collection, recording, organizing, storing, updating, changing, retrieving, consulting, using, disclosing through transmission, dissemination or any other forms of making available, bringing together, relating to each other, as well as protecting, erasing or destroying data directly in / from the administration.
l) Wbp: Law of 6 July 2000, laying down rules on the protection of personal data (Personal Data Protection Act).

1. These Regulations apply to all fully or partially automated Processing of Personal Data for which eUlift is responsible. It also applies to non-automated Processing of Personal Data that is included in a File or that is intended to be included therein.
2. These Regulations apply within eUlift and relate to the Processing of Personal Data of Customers.

1. The Processing of Personal Data relates to personal details, namely name, first name (s), initial (s), gender, date of birth and address data (address, zip code, city), telephone number (s) , e-mail address (es), IP address (es), login and account information.
2. The Processing of Personal Data also relates to Personal Data concerning the health of the Customer, namely weight and height.

1. Personal data will only be processed by eUlift for specific purposes. No more data is collected than necessary for the purpose. The purposes of the Processing of Personal Data with regard to Customers are: a) proper implementation of the delivery of Services by eUlift; b) communicating with the Customer, including communication for the purchase of eUlift’s services by the Customer, communication for marketing purposes, communication about the services and communication about the conditions under which eUlift performs its services; c) providing information to the Customer as part of Services, including but not limited to information about and analysis of physical properties of the Customer as a result of the purchase of Services; d) improving the Customer’s user experience, including but not limited to offering Services and personalized content; e) improving the quality of eUlift services in general; f) solving any problems that the Customer encounters when using the eUlift services; g) financially handling the delivery of Services to the Customer.2. Personal data can also be processed for purposes other than those mentioned above, in which case eUlift will request prior permission from the Customer. AMENDMENTS eUlift reserves the right to change this disclaimer.

5. PRINCIPLES FOR DATA PROCESSING Personal data is only processed if: a) the Client has given his unambiguous consent for the processing; b) the Processing is necessary for the performance of an agreement; c) the Processing is necessary for the implementation of a lawThis privacy policy is used by eUlift and describes, among other things, which personal data is collected and processed by Eulift and for what purpose.